January 16, 2011

Green & Yellow.

This weekend my family and I gathered around for the Packers game and I made my mom and sister take some pictures of my outfit so that I could finally post an outfit on my blog ! I recently bought some new shoes from shoedazzle and I took these babies out to finish the outfit ! The girls in my family are pretty competitive when it comes to parties so even though our gathering was for a football game, we dressed things up a bit !

I bought the white tank underneath my vest at Old Navy's Day After Christmas Sale for $4 ! I'm not very good at finding things on clearance or sales so I definitely felt proud of myself that day. The vest is a couple years old which I bought from Torrid, as well as my Source of Wisdom skinny jeans. 

tank top--old navy
jeans--torrid (source of wisdom)

January 9, 2011


Hi there, I’m Leia! I’m 19 years old and currently attending my second year of college. I’ve never let my size and shape stop me from dressing how I like. I’ve considered joining the fatshion community for a while now and I finally started my own fatshion blog! Join me through the madness and frustration as I struggle to squeeze into the perfect outfit!