January 16, 2011

Green & Yellow.

This weekend my family and I gathered around for the Packers game and I made my mom and sister take some pictures of my outfit so that I could finally post an outfit on my blog ! I recently bought some new shoes from shoedazzle and I took these babies out to finish the outfit ! The girls in my family are pretty competitive when it comes to parties so even though our gathering was for a football game, we dressed things up a bit !

I bought the white tank underneath my vest at Old Navy's Day After Christmas Sale for $4 ! I'm not very good at finding things on clearance or sales so I definitely felt proud of myself that day. The vest is a couple years old which I bought from Torrid, as well as my Source of Wisdom skinny jeans. 

tank top--old navy
jeans--torrid (source of wisdom)


  1. Super cute! I love the vest and those black wedge pumps are awesome!!


  2. OMG i die for the wedges! really cute! i need to get my hands on some of those. =)

    xoxo - christina

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  3. the wedges are great! I'm following, hit me back if you like:)

  4. Hey! Why did you stop posting!! Keep going girl!!
    Good luck!!


  5. Those shoes are incredible, love the wedge!

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  6. Love it leti, keep going....you should up a pic up with that purdy shirt you wore last time to the movies!